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*Note: When the University administrative offices are closed, Pak Mail at Ole Miss is also closed. This includes unplanned closings due to unforeseen events.


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Pak Mail Ole Miss Tips for Best Package/Letter Service for Students at Ole Miss

September 30th, 2021 by

  1. Correct name: Be sure the address on the package/letter corresponds to the name as shown as the mail account holder. Kindly use full names on all packages and mail. For letter mail, kindly ask senders to print legibly and include mail account number. Nick names, middle names, initials, etc. can cause delays or non-delivery.
  2. Correct Address: Ensure the address is as follows:

(Student’s Legal name)
115 Northgate Dr
Mail Account Number ####

University, MS, 38677

  1. Tracking #’s: Tracking #’s are normally not needed. However, they can be very helpful if the package proves hard to locate. Please have tracking numbers ready in case of an issue. It is also helpful to know what items you are looking for (I.E. Amazon orders, packages from home, etc.)
  2. Mail Service Account: Upon purchasing a mail account online, each student is assigned their own mail account number. It is for their use only. Students cannot share mail accounts. Mail/packages for anyone who does not have a mail account be returned. Furthermore, using two people’s names on a package will result in non-delivery of the page.
  3. Email alerts: Our system at Brown Hall takes inventory and sends an email each evening to everyone that has a package ready to be picked up. Unless you need the package immediately, kindly wait for the email alert before coming to pick up your packages-no wasted trips. If you are not receiving an email alert, check with a representative at Brown Hall to make sure you have email on file, and it is correct. It is still advised to check for packages and mail at least once a week.
  4. Pickup Mail/Packages at same time: Pak Mail Ole Miss holds packages and mail at the Brown Hall. Check with representative at Package Center for more information on this service.
  5. Package Pick up: Packages take time to be sorted and made ready for pick up. Please allow packages a few hours to become ready before attempting pick up. Check all package shipping labels for your name and mail account number to ensure accuracy. If you need an item for an event or deadline, please give yourself an extra day for transit and attempt to use FedEx Express if needing overnight delivery. (E.G. Calculator is needed by Friday, try to have it delivered on or before Thursday) 8. Distressed Packages (Missing Packages): If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a distressed package, kindly provide a tracking number and additional details about the item. If the representative is still having an issue, ask for a Missing Package Worksheet and/or a supervisor/manager. If you do not have these details, kindly wait until you have the information on hand before filing a worksheet.our mailbox.

Pak Mail Services at University of Mississippi

September 16th, 2021 by

We realize we have had some ongoing issues beginning the week of move- in . This was mostly due to shortage in personnel due to not having a full staff and then illness within our team. We did not perform to the service level that the University and students have come to expect from Pakmail Ole Miss. We apologize for the issues this has caused for students, parents and the University. I will take each area and list out what we have done to correct the situation and bring our service back up to expectations.

  1. Lines/wait of over 30 minutes – We have had two POS systems that can handle student transactions. We have now increased that to three POS positions. We have hired additional personnel to have all three POS positions staffed.
  2. Phones/emails not being answered and phones busy or just ring with no VM – Our phone system has an auto attendant that directs callers depending on request. It was malfunctioning and left us with no ability to accept vm. Not having personnel to answer the phone at all times left the caller with no way to communicate their question/concern to Pak Mail. We have the auto attendant working and have also placed a person whose primary responsibility is to answer the phone. If we are on the phone and it is not answered, the caller can leave a VM and we return the call as soon as possible, but for sure the same day.
  3. Lost/Unable to receive packages. – In the beginning we were overwhelmed and were not following proper procedures.  We have increased our staff, focused on training for proper scanning and placement of packages. We are monitoring our procedures to make sure they are being followed and packages are properly placed.
  4. Confusion on where to pick up mail. You may receive your packages and letter mail at Brown Hall (package center).

We are working hard to regain the trust and dependability we have earned over the past seven years. We are handling 800-900 packages per day. The vast majority are picked up by students without incident. We expect this number to reach 1,000 packages on some days. We are ready to meet this challenge and provide students with reliable mail and package services. Thank you for your continued support.

Ole Miss Movers

April 10th, 2021 by

Pak Mail Ole Miss is the official moving and storage provider for the University of Mississippi. We offer dorm pickup and we will ship it home or store it and return it to you next school year. Let Pak Mail take some of the stress out of your summer.

University of Mississippi Moving and Storage Services

Summer Moving & Storage

May 5th, 2018 by

It’s that time of year again. Time to head home for the summer. But who can do it alone? Pak Mail Ole Miss is hear to help students with summer moving and storage of their belongings. We even offer moving assistance at an hourly rate.

Storage at Ole Miss

March 22nd, 2016 by

As the school year comes to an end, a lot of students (and their parents) are starting to wonder: “What am I going to do with all my stuff?”. Many students will be forced (to the student’s delight, I’m sure) to vacate their dorms in the middle of May, and will have to find a new housing option for themselves for next year. So why should you worry about your stuff? You’re busy enough trying to figure out scholarships, student loans, and/or what your student will do with their degree.

Let me get to the point and stop wasting your time: Pak Mail Ole Miss has several different solutions for your belongings that won’t break the bank and will take the headache out of the whole moving process at Ole Miss. Whether it’s summer storage or a move across the street, we can do it all.

Our Small Moves service can take all your stuff from your apartment/dorm/house/townhouse to any other place in Oxford, MS, that you want us to take it to – all for $40/hr with a 2 hour minimum. If you call ahead, our moving crew can bring boxes, tape, sharpies, and any other packaging material that you need to make sure your delicate possessions can arrive in one piece.

Next, our storage facilities have a new way of storing your items. Our D containers are rated for shipping heavy machinery via freight-line services. Their triple corrugated design will ensure that your belongings are safe an secure for the entirety of summer starting at $595 If May, June, July, and August isn’t enough time for you, we can continue the storage for just $25 a month! Measuring in at 48″ by 40″ by 36″, these containers are perfect for packing up your dorm room!

The Campus Post Office is proud to continue its Flat-Rate Storage from last summer. For $400 for the summer, our moving crew will pick up, store, and redeliver your belongings at your request. It’s just that easy. There’s no limit on the amount of items, or the amount of space they take up.

And, If you or your student need boxes or bubble wrap to pack up all your stuff, all of our locations will sell box bundles and packaging materials. Our box bundles will be 5 32″ by  18″ by 18″ boxes, with a roll of tape, and a sharpie. At a meager $39.99, they can take the hassle out of packing. We also have rolls of bubble wrap and bags of packaging peanuts for the long drive home or for those dedicates that need some extra care.

Finally, we can ship your items back home. If you’re just not feeling Ole Miss anymore, or you got a better scholarship somewhere else, Pak Mail Ole Miss and our Pak Mail on Jackson Avenue can package all your belongings with care and ensure a safe delivery to wherever you wish. Call us anytime and we can give you a quote by the next day!

When you’re thinking about how to deal with moving out of your place, give us a call! Pak Mail Ole Miss will be happy to help! Call us at 662.915.2611 anytime from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

Helping your student get settled into college life

June 9th, 2015 by

As the summer rolls along and students get ready to go from high school to college, many parents have been wondering something along the lines of “How can I order stuff for my son/daughter but not drive it all down for move in week?”. The answer is a lot simpler than one might expect.

Any student can contact the Pak Mail Ole Miss to schedule move in help. At the Pak Mail Ole Miss, we have teams of professionals ready and able to help students make moving into their dorm a hassle-free and painless process.

We also have a program at Ole Miss that allows students and parents to ship anything to the Pak Mail Ole Miss in preparation for move in week. With this program, students and their parents can buy things from any online retailer, like Amazon or Walmart, and have their items shipped directly to Brown Hall or, parents can ship anything from a UPS, FedEx, or Post Office location. From there, the Pak Mail Ole Miss will then deliver the items to the student’s dorm rooms at a time of their choosing. For a low fee of $25/box,  we will store and deliver any packages received before 15 August. Further, after a student gets 20 packages on the list for moving in, any additional packages will be delivered free of charge for that move in day.

We also offer a wide variety of other moving and shipping services. Services such as “Will-Calls”, where we create a shipping label for you and will have a Certified Shipper (such as UPS or FedEx) come to your location and ship the item to the University of Mississippi or to anywhere in Oxford.

Please give us a call at 662.915.2611 for any additional questions or to sign up for these services!

Why Choose Pak Mail
Pak Mail Ole Miss is a full service packing and shipping store as well as a custom crating and freight shipping company. We are located on campus at Crosby Hall and proudly serve the University of Mississippi. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 662-915-2611.