Pak Mail Services at University of Mississippi

September 16th, 2021 by

We realize we have had some ongoing issues beginning the week of move- in . This was mostly due to shortage in personnel due to not having a full staff and then illness within our team. We did not perform to the service level that the University and students have come to expect from Pakmail Ole Miss. We apologize for the issues this has caused for students, parents and the University. I will take each area and list out what we have done to correct the situation and bring our service back up to expectations.

  1. Lines/wait of over 30 minutes – We have had two POS systems that can handle student transactions. We have now increased that to three POS positions. We have hired additional personnel to have all three POS positions staffed.
  2. Phones/emails not being answered and phones busy or just ring with no VM – Our phone system has an auto attendant that directs callers depending on request. It was malfunctioning and left us with no ability to accept vm. Not having personnel to answer the phone at all times left the caller with no way to communicate their question/concern to Pak Mail. We have the auto attendant working and have also placed a person whose primary responsibility is to answer the phone. If we are on the phone and it is not answered, the caller can leave a VM and we return the call as soon as possible, but for sure the same day.
  3. Lost/Unable to receive packages. – In the beginning we were overwhelmed and were not following proper procedures.  We have increased our staff, focused on training for proper scanning and placement of packages. We are monitoring our procedures to make sure they are being followed and packages are properly placed.
  4. Confusion on where to pick up mail. You may receive your packages and letter mail at Brown Hall (package center).

We are working hard to regain the trust and dependability we have earned over the past seven years. We are handling 800-900 packages per day. The vast majority are picked up by students without incident. We expect this number to reach 1,000 packages on some days. We are ready to meet this challenge and provide students with reliable mail and package services. Thank you for your continued support.