Pak Mail Ole Miss Tips for Best Package/Letter Service for Students at Ole Miss

September 30th, 2021 by

  1. Correct name: Be sure the address on the package/letter corresponds to the name as shown as the mail account holder. Kindly use full names on all packages and mail. For letter mail, kindly ask senders to print legibly and include mail account number. Nick names, middle names, initials, etc. can cause delays or non-delivery.
  2. Correct Address: Ensure the address is as follows:

(Student’s Legal name)
115 Northgate Dr
Mail Account Number ####

University, MS, 38677

  1. Tracking #’s: Tracking #’s are normally not needed. However, they can be very helpful if the package proves hard to locate. Please have tracking numbers ready in case of an issue. It is also helpful to know what items you are looking for (I.E. Amazon orders, packages from home, etc.)
  2. Mail Service Account: Upon purchasing a mail account online, each student is assigned their own mail account number. It is for their use only. Students cannot share mail accounts. Mail/packages for anyone who does not have a mail account be returned. Furthermore, using two people’s names on a package will result in non-delivery of the page.
  3. Email alerts: Our system at Brown Hall takes inventory and sends an email each evening to everyone that has a package ready to be picked up. Unless you need the package immediately, kindly wait for the email alert before coming to pick up your packages-no wasted trips. If you are not receiving an email alert, check with a representative at Brown Hall to make sure you have email on file, and it is correct. It is still advised to check for packages and mail at least once a week.
  4. Pickup Mail/Packages at same time: Pak Mail Ole Miss holds packages and mail at the Brown Hall. Check with representative at Package Center for more information on this service.
  5. Package Pick up: Packages take time to be sorted and made ready for pick up. Please allow packages a few hours to become ready before attempting pick up. Check all package shipping labels for your name and mail account number to ensure accuracy. If you need an item for an event or deadline, please give yourself an extra day for transit and attempt to use FedEx Express if needing overnight delivery. (E.G. Calculator is needed by Friday, try to have it delivered on or before Thursday) 8. Distressed Packages (Missing Packages): If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a distressed package, kindly provide a tracking number and additional details about the item. If the representative is still having an issue, ask for a Missing Package Worksheet and/or a supervisor/manager. If you do not have these details, kindly wait until you have the information on hand before filing a worksheet.our mailbox.